Why Summit International School of Ministry Reviews Are So Good

December 19, 2017
There is little question that Summit International School of Ministry wants its students to seek the face of God and feel His presence in their lives. That is why they offer everyone, not just future clergy, with a two-year program that seeks to provide those who choose to attend with a well-rounded understanding of ministry through some of the best academic, practical and spiritual training available anywhere. In order to help them seek God, Summit strives to create a more Bible-centered worldview.

Summit International School of Ministry manages to do this through their curriculum, which includes the most thorough study of the Bible and theology to be found anywhere. They also offer ministerial courses in the areas of evangelism, homiletics and church planting, all of which are important to establishing and maintaining a Christian church. Of course, even those who choose not to become a church pastor or other clergy still become useful soldiers in the Army of Christ they hope to build to fight for Christianity worldwide, even if they enter a different profession, like law or medicine.